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What Will the US Presidential Elections Mean for Gold and Silver?

With the US Presidential elections around the corner, interesting things are bound to happen. One has to wonder what the outcome will be for precious metals markets. There is a very good chance both gold and silver will note strong gains in the weeks to come. 

US Presidential Elections Offer Uncertainty

External events, such as geopolitical ones, can often spook traditional financial markets. Stocks and bonds are likely to turn very volatile in the weeks to come. The entire world’s fate hinges on what happens during the upcoming US Presidential elections. Either Trump or Biden will make their mark on the financial sector, either for better or worse.

Regardless of what the outcome of the US Presidential elections will be, the final weeks of 2020 will prove rowdy. There is plenty of room for price fluctuations in many different aspects. Now is the time to find financial stability, yet it will prove incredibly difficult to do so. 

One also has to wonder what will happen to all markets if Trump remains the president of the US. Some claim this victory is “price into the market”, which may not yield any serious changes. More specifically, there doesn’t appear to be any bullish sentiment associated with four more years of Trump.

On the other hand, a Biden election remains a relatively unknown factor. No one really knows what will happen should the US Presidential elections yield a new president. It is certainly possible the traditional assets- including US treasuries – will see a lower price but potentially higher yield. 

Is Gold Affected in the end?

Looking at the much bigger picture, one has to wonder if the US Presidential elections will impact precious metals in any way. Both gold and silver have seen a bullish trend in 2020. This has been going on despite the upcoming elections. In fact, 2020 has been far more bullish than the past few years, indicating something may be brewing behind the scenes. 

That being said, no one knows the current global economic outlook. Even ahead of the election, there is a lot of uncertainty and doubt affecting all markets. Increasing  volatility is the only plausible outcome, which can be either bullish or bearish. 

Regardless of what one expects, diversification is still crucial. Both ahead of the US Presidential elections and in the months to follow, gold and silver remain very solid bets. They may not skyrocket like earlier in the year, but they will at least offer some price stability. 

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