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ViaBTC Holds the Biggest Share of BSV Mining, Supports “One-Click Switch” and Offers 0 Rate and BSV Mining Rewards Sharing

According to CoinEx, BSV skyrocketed 321% in a week. The market expects that BSV will lead the halving trend in 2020, pushing up the value of other tokens involved in halving.

As of January 15, 2020, according to miningpoolstats (https://miningpoolstats.stream/) Jan 15th’s data, the highest ViaBTC’s BSV reaches 717.52PH/s, accounting for 54.8% of the hashrate of the BSV entire network, and a total of 40,000 BSV coins were mined, making it the mining pool with the highest hashrate.

According to ViaBTC official website, its return per T is about 2.08 yuan/day, the highest figure being 106% higher than the rate of return on BTC and about 59.2% higher than that on BCH. ViaBTC announced that users can switch BSV hashrate with only “One click”. In one month from January 15th, users can enjoy 0 rate in BSV mining; ViaBTC is also expected to launch the activity of BSV mining rewards sharing recently.

For details, please pay attention to the latest ViaBTC official announcement, For details, Click here>>>

ViaBTC announced that users can switch the BSV, BCH and BTC hashrate with only “One Click

About ViaBTC

As a comprehensive digital currency mining pool that serves users around the world, ViaBTC has been financially backed by Bitmain. Moreover, CEO Yang Haipo independently completed all the deployment and development of ViaBTC mining pool, and pioneered the PPS + revenue distribution model; since its launch, the mining pool has been normally running for 99.99% of the time, with the lowest orphan block rate. Such great performance has made ViaBTC one of the world’s top 5 mining pools. As of now, the ViaBTC mining pool has provided professional, efficient, secure and stable digital currency mining services to nearly one million users in 130+ countries and regions around the world, with the market value of mining accumulating to billions of dollars.



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