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TRX News #1: dApp Growth, TRON Trademark Rejection, Samsung Blockchain App Support

A lot can happen in seven days. This is perhaps even more true in the cryptocurrency industry. For TRON, one of the top altcoins, a fair few interesting developments took place. Time to dive into this week of TRX news.

TRON dApp Growth is Impressive

Numerous blockchain ecosystems compete in the dApp industry. TRON is one of the contenders, alongside the likes of Ethereum, NEO, and Klaytn, to name a few. Ensuring the ecosystem undergoes notable growth on a regular basis is crucial. TRON Appears to check a lot of the right boxes.

In a new update on Reddit, it shows that the ecosystem is on the right track. There is a healthy increase in active dApps, users, and transaction volume. A good way to kick off this edition of weekly TRX news. Speaking of the volume, 1.2 billion TRX in seven days is quite impressive in its own regard. 

No TRON Trademark Approval

It is interesting to note how Disney got involved in this project. The company ensued a trademark for TRON would not be granted to anyone else. Given how Disney controls the Tron movie franchise, that is only logical.

The initial trademark request dates back to 2018. Raybo Technology aimed to trademark TRON, TRONNETWORK, and TRONIX. The capitalization of “TRON” makes it too akin to Disney’s own movie franchise. As the movie giant opposed this filing, and Raybo never filed a counter argument, all three requests are rejected.

Samsung Blockchain App Support

The biggest TRX news this week is the addition of TRON to Samsung’s Blockchain app. In the app’s recent update, TRON support has been unlocked. A dedicated TRX wallet should be available after restarting the app. 

The Samsung Blockchain app also lists multiple projects running on this blockchain. Those include BitTorrent, WINK,  and Tether USD on the Tron chain. Interested users with an eligible device can download Samsung’s blockchain app from the Galaxy store.

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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