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TRON News Weekly #1: TRC-20 USDT, Odyssey, TRON Mobile, Privacy Coins, Network Health

In the cryptocurrency world, there are plenty of ecosystems to keep tabs on. In the case of TRON, a lot of things appear to be happening in quick succession.

Although none of these changes may impact the TRX price directly, ecosystem growth should never be ignored. It is evident that both users and companies are paying close attention to what this ecosystem has to offer. 

TRC-20 USDT on HooExchange

Tether, the world’s leading stablecoin, is issuing USDT on multiple blockchains. One of the ecosystems the company is working with is TRON. These USDT tokens are issued by adhering to the TRC-20 token standard. Gaining more adoption of this version of USDT will be crucial.

HooExchange, a relatively unknown exchange, has introduced support for TRC-20 USDT tokens. This trading platform generates a lot of trading volume across different pairs. One of its top markets is TRX/USDT, indicating that TRON is a key asset for the company. 

Tron Odyssey Upgrade

Users who are running a network node for this altcoin may want to update their software accordingly. A new version of TRON Odyssey has been introduced yesterday afternoon. It introduces some code fixes and is labeled as a mandatory upgrade for all users.  

The TRON Mobile App

Most people may not be aware of this particular application. It is a beta app for Android, which allows users to earn small amounts of TRX from playing the built-in games. This is a great way to introduce more users to this particular ecosystem as a whole.

The application is fully ad-supported and requires users to create an account by submitting their email address. Users will collect shares from the generated ad revenue based on their overall activity, including gaming, watching video ads, et cetera. The beta system will end fairly soon, thus interested parties will be able to sign up for a few more days.

Privacy Coin Discussion

Justin Sun recently shared an interesting Tweet with the world. He mentions how privacy coins on the TRON blockchain will be coming fairly soon. No further details were provided at this time, thus it is anyone’s guess as to what is happening exactly. It may have to do with the shielded transactions comment a few weeks ago. 

Justin is also looking for a name for these currencies. Asking the community on Twitter might not necessarily be the smartest idea, however. There are some very interesting responses to this question, including “Scamtron”, “Trash”, and “Pron”.

Current Network Status

The health of any cryptocurrency network is based on many different factors. One option is to look at the current number of active addresses and recent transaction count. It appears that TRON is in a very good place in both departments, when looking at the statistics for the recent month.

Fintoism TRON Stats 1401

There has been a strong peak in active wallet addresses  a few days ago, which is interesting. Additionally, there appear to be multiple spikes in transaction count. It is a very active network either way, which is all the community can ask for at this time. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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