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The Syscoin Bridge Will Introduce Blockchain Interoperability in January of 2020

Interoperability will play an increasing role of importance in the blockchain industry. Syscoin acknowledges this fact, and has been building a solution. Following the 4.1 platform release, the Syscoin-Ethereum Bridge now has an official release date. 

Bridging the Blockchains

In the current cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, there are crucial hurdles to overcome. When different ecosystems cannot communicate with one another, growth will be stifled. Solving this problem is not necessarily difficult, but it requires a ton of effort. 

The Syscoin Bridge is a great example of what can be achieved. It bridges the Syscoin and Ethereum ecosystems through innovative technology. It is worth noting that this bridge works in a two-way interoperability system.

This solution has undergone rigorous testing. Its development and research phase took a full year. The Syscoin Bridge will go live in late January of 2020. The required block height is 348,000.

Other Core Changes

While the blockchain interoperability aspect is what most people were looking for, there are other changes as well. Dozens of quality of Life improvements have been made to the Syscoin client. All of these changes will suit the needs of many different users, as a lot of work has been put into them by the developers. 

A crucial change comes in the form of address Denial-of-Service vectors. This method of attack can cripple any cryptocurrency network. Particularly network nodes with spinning disks are at risk. The developers have now introduced several changes to ensure most of these vectors are now gone altogether. 

Last but not least, the block-relay aspect received an update. Syscoin Core will automatically create two additional outbound connections. These connections are used solely for block-relay. It is an interesting way of addressing potential partitioning attacks. Keeping the network secure is always the #1 priority.

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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