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Tezos notes the biggest gains among crypto assets in 2019

There are very different opinions on which crypto assets had the best performance in 2019. On paper, Bitcoin obviously leads the pack. A report by Prasos, however, shows something else entirely. 

Weak Performance by Some top Assets

The year 2019 was not kind to most cryptocurrencies. Albeit some recovery was noted in the second half of the year, not all assets benefited from it directly. Even the gains sustained in late 2019 did not yield a positive trend for several top assets. That may come as a surprise, yet the numbers back up these findings. The information is taken from Kraken.

Fintoism Crypto Assets Losers 2019

Stellar is, by far, the worst performer of 2019. It lost 62% of its value compared to the year prior. Its value of $0.118991 on January 1, 2019 was not too promising. The entire year yielded even more bearish momentum for XLM, By January 1,2020, its value had fallen to $0.045311. This does confirm there is a 62% decrease in value for 2019. 

Prasos indicates how XRP was struggling as well. It lost 49% of its value in the past year. The XRP price chart is very similar to Stellar’s, which isn’t a good thing in this case. A price point of $0.35946 on January 1, 2019 turned into $0.194224 by January 1,2020. Not the best performance, but things are looking up in 2020 so far.

Other “bad” performers include Ethereum, Bitcoin SV, and EOS. With losses of 13%, 7%, and 6% respectively, no permanent damage has been done in the process. All of these assets are showing bullish signs throughout early 2020. That is promising, but nothing is ever set in stone in this industry either. 

The Mediocre Gains Club

In the cryptocurrency world, traders are often looking for big gains in quick succession. While those can accumulate, 2019 was not the year for such trends per se. In fact, there are only three of the top 10 crypto assets which yielded strong gains. Neither of the following 2 assets are in the “big gains” club, but they performed adequately.

Fintoism Crypto Assets Medium Gains 2019

Up first is Bitcoin Cash, or BCH. Following a 16% price gain, 2019 has been a good year for BCH. A price jump from $168.77 to $205.90 shows that this asset has bullish tendencies. Ever since, the value of BCH has continued to increase and is currently on its way to hit $400. 

The second mediocre performer is Litecoin. After facing some backlash in 2019, the price responded in a bullish manner last year. A net 25% gain over the year is something anyone will sign up for. A price jump from $31.22 to $41.59 is not all that bad. Currently, one LTC is worth well over $63 once again. 

Top Crypto Assets of 2019

Bitcoin had another stellar year in 2019. A net 85% gain is absolutely astonishing. This resulted in a Bitcoin price surge from $3,769.22 to $7,191.89, traders are very happy. In 2020, the uptrend remains intact. Today, that same $3,769.22 Bitcoin is worth $9,358. 

Fintoism Crypto Assets Gains 2019

While Bitcoin is the king of the heap Dollar-wise, the Prasos report shows two other assets worth keeping an eye on. They both have higher gains in terms of percentage-based increases. This doesn’t mean they are “better” or “worse’ than Bitcoin by any means.

Binance Coin, the token of the biggest crypto exchange, noted a 113% value increase in 2019. A value of $6.02 in January 2019 seems nearly unthinkable today. Despite a major spike and subsequent dip, BNB was still valued at $13.73 by January 1,2020. Today, it sits above $18, continuing its push for a new all-time high.

Prasos deems Tezos to be the top performer among crypto assets in 2019. It can be backed up by the research. A 194% increase in value has certainly pleased all XTZ holders. On January 1,2019, one XTZ was valued at $0.45. That value increased to $1.32 the year after. A very strong performance, that continues in early 2020. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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