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Tezos News #1: Faucet, ERX, TezosJ, Dexter, Albert, Carthage, Baking Bad, Network Health

Tezos is one of the more intriguing projects in all of cryptocurrency. This DApp platform takes a different approach to blockchain and cryptocurrency, which is always intriguing. 

To keep the momentum going, several crucial updates have been announced in early January 2020. There will be a lot more to come over the next few months as well. 

The Mainnet Faucet

In the cryptocurrency world, faucets have always been of great value. They make it easy for newcomers to get a small portion of the native currency. Existing users can benefit from this approach as well. Tezos now has a new faucet on the mainnet, courtesy of the Foundation. 

This faucet is primarily designed for developers and testing purposes. Requesting tokens is relatively easy, and well worth exploring.  Keeping the faucet funded, will be a challenge. Currently, users will receive 0.01 tez every 10 seconds. 

ERX is Licensed in Thailand

ERX is a subsidiary of Elevated Returns. The company obtained a Digital Assets Exchange License. These licenses are issued by the Ministry of Finance in Thailand. A major development for an ecosystem than runs complete on Tezos’ infrastructure. 

TezosJ_PlainJava V1.1

A new version of TezosJ has been released this week. It introduces a new method called callContractEntrypoint for Java developers. For those looking to interact with native smart contracts, this new feature may introduce additional options to explore. It is a crucial step forward to advance the Tezos ecosystem in the years to come.

The Dexter Launch is Imminent

A lot of projects can be built on top of blockchain and other infrastructure. Decentralized exchanges are the logical successors to centralized trading platforms. Dexter, built on Tezos, is nearing completion.

As can be seen in the Tweet above, the native smart contract is being audited. Once this process is complete, the project should launch relatively quickly. It is something to look forward to for community members.

Albert Proposal

It is not uncommon for blockchains to support multiple coding languages. In the case of Tezos, a new contender might appear soon. A proposal was submitted a little while ago for a new intermediate smart contract language, known as Albert.

It remains to be seen if Albert will make an impact. Having more options is never a bad thing for developers. Moreover, it can make this ecosystem more approachable to aspiring coders all over the world. 

Mainnet Branch Update

The Tezos ecosystem is preparing for the introduction of Carthage. To accommodate this impending change, a new version of the mainnet branch was released. Upgrading to the new version is advised, primarily for node owners and bakers. It ensures nodes are ready for Carthage once it launches in a few days.

The Baking Bad API v2

Accessing crucial information related to Tezos is crucial. The Baking Bad API will be of great value in this regard. A new version of the API was released this weekend. Using the API helps list public bakers and provides additional information on request. 

Current Network Health

When looking at CoinMetrics, Tezos appears to be in good shape. There is a notable increase in transaction growth since late November 2019. Moreover, the number of active addresses remains relatively high. This figure even surpasses 10,000 addresses on a regular basis.

Fintoism Tezos Network Health 1801

In this new year, it will be crucial to sustain this positive momentum across the board.  Stepping up the transaction count, as well as the number of active addresses, will be crucial. So far, it seems the statistics are heading in the right direction. However, there is no time to rest on one’s laurels.

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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