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Seeing Double: Why Replacement Lenses are Rising in Popularity

Replacement lenses are the newest and most versatile product for eyeglass users nationwide. Nearly 150 million adults in the United States wear prescription eyewear, and studies show that consumers plan to spend about $173 on each glasses purchase. Most glasses need replacement every 1-3 years, which is why replacement lenses are one of the most realistic and popular solutions to these added expenses.


There are many reasons why consumers may choose to make the switch to replacement lenses, including but not limited to cost, ease of use, versatility, and variety. There are also many different types of glasses that eyeglass wearers can choose to invest in. Single vision lenses, progressive lenses, and high index lenses vary in how they affect the wearer’s ability to see certain distances. In terms of materials, plastic, polycarbonate, and glass are the most common types, impacting both clarity and durability. Lens coatings also offer additional benefits, like scratch resistance or UV protection. Finally, tinted lenses, most often offered in yellow, brown, gray, blue, and pink, each offer unique benefits for the wearer.


From reading glasses, to everyday glasses, to sunglasses, replacement lenses are a quick and easy new method for ensuring that you will always see the world crystal clear!

The World of Replacement Lenses
Source: LensFactory

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Brian Wallace
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