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P2P investment platform Robo.Cash surpasses 10,000 Users

Peer to peer platforms are of great interest to consumers and investors. Robo.cash illustrates that point perfectly.

The Growth of Robo.cash

It is always interesting to see how peer to peer platforms evolve. In the case of Robo.cash, that evolution is rather surprising. This peer-to-peer investment platform is getting a lot of attention from around Europe. In fact, its “biggest’ regions of support are shifting around quite a bit. 

New investors from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Bulgaria have shifted the balance a bit. Germany remains a prominent region for Robo.cash as well. It seems that Austria, The UK, the Czech Republic, and Latvia are falling behind a bit. 

While German investors remain a core audience, diversification is key. Especially users from Bulgaria are flocking to Robo.cash in quick succession. That goes to show how there is plenty of investor interest from this European nation. By maintaining a peer-to-peer approach to investing, the market is blown wide open.

With over 10,000 investors from all over Europe taking an interest in the platform, the tone has been set.  Investors show a keen interest in peer-to-peer platforms. It bridges the gap between projects seeking funding and those who want to contribute financially. More importantly, it makes this industry more accessible to people from all over the continent. 

The Growth has Been Spectacular

Since launching in 2017, Robo.cash has reached many milestones. It has funded 1.5 million loans for over 146 million Euro. The company itself also notes an income of 1.5 million Euro. These figures are all very healthy for such a young and up-and-coming company. 

Robocash Group CEO Sergey Sedov adds:

“Historically, P2P investments have been more developed in the north-east and central Europe. Yet, based on our statistics, today, we observe a shift towards its other regions. Apart from the growing popularity of P2P throughout Europe, there may be other factors in each case. For example, in Bulgaria, the interest of investors in fintech can be fueled by the rapid development of the segment. The country is an evolving fintech hub in Southeast Europe with the largest number of companies in the sector, 12% of which focus on personal finance. Today, investments in P2P are available for any resident of Europe regardless of their experience, level of income and other factors. In the future, we can expect a wider presence of investors from other European countries on our platform as well.”

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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