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Overall Dash Hashrate Records All-time High of 5.6 Petahash per Second

A lot of cryptocurrency ecosystems rely on mining hashpower. Dash, one of the currencies focusing on privacy and payments, has seen tremendous success over the years.

In fact, the charts indicate how its hashrate continues to surge. A new all-time has been reached this week.

Mining Dash Remains Popular

More often than not, alternative cryptocurrencies struggle to retain their mining hashpower. It primarily depends on the value of the asset being mined. A lot of altcoins tend to slowly disappear into obscurity where their price is concerned. Dash is a very different breed, as it recently surpassed a value of $100 once again. 

As far as the mining of Dash is concerned, things are looking pretty good. Despite a steep drop-off in hashrate between November and December 2018, the figures are improving once again. In fact, since December of 2018, the Dash mining power has only increased quarter over quarter. 

Fast forward to last week, and the Dash hashrate increases to over 5.6 petahash per second. A very steep increased compared to just a week prior. At that time, there was just under 3.8 petahash pointed at Dash mining pools.

Where this sudden increase comes from, is always difficult to determine. It is possible more Antminer D5s have been brought online recently.  Other ASICs exist as well, depending on which manufacturer one prefers to use. 

Once has to keep in mind that it isn’t always profitable to mine this currency either. With one D5 at one’s disposal, there is minimal profit per day to speak of. However, if one firmly believes that the value will continue to rise, the figures will change significantly. 

For now, the top mining pools include Antpool, ViaBTC, Poolin, , F2Pool, and CyBTC. Other options are available as well, but these seem to offer the highest overall mining rate.  For the end user, it is crucial to maximize their profits in whichever way possible. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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