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Orange Pill Podcast Orange Pill [OP12] – A Multiverse of Bitcoin Brains

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Max and Stacy discuss the Smug Industrial Complex and the Cosmic Vagina.

Max sees a near future in which you won’t be able to tell if the thoughts in your head are your own or someone else’s as we are all linked up in a giant brain net. He also says that thoughts have independent lives and the multiverse is our brains. That we are all primally screaming as a fetus in an unborn world and Bitcoin is working for humans, it is pro-humanity.

They are joined by Dan Collins, an entrepreneur who lived in China for twenty years to examine the Thucicydides Trap and whether or not it is too late for the US to stop China displacing it as the number one economic power. Things happen – volcanoes erupt, tsunamis roll into town, plagues hit – the outcome can change the future of the world: with Covid, China seems to be the last major economy standing, just as the US was after WWII. Dan believes that China is 3-5 years of the US in terms of Artificial Intelligence and 5G technology and that AI is the electricity of the future, it’s going to disrupt every industry. They also discuss the fact that the US weaponized our exorbitant privilege and so the CCP could let the RMB smoke the dollar. Becoming a superpower, however, is also about becoming the world’s largest customer, and China is almost there as the world’s second largest importer. The US trade profile in international market looks more like Brazil so China expects a seat at the New Bretton Woods table.

Abe Cambridge delivers a mind blowing message about AI.

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