WISeKey Develops Vaccine Digital Certificates To Secure Biometric Passports

WISeKey Develops Vaccine Digital Certificates To Secure Biometric Passports

With the United States preparing to disperse a COVID-19 vaccine to hundreds of millions of people, critics argue that paper certification will fuel counterfeit markets. In a push to replace paper certificates, WISeKey has developed digital certificates for vaccines that can secure biometric passports, mobile phones, and other NFC secured ID cards. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence of Things “AloT,” digital certificates can confirm individual identities and certification of a vaccine.  

COVID-19 Vaccine

According to recent reports, a COVID-19 vaccine could be dispensed as early as this Friday. Members of the FDA have mentioned that the oversight committee will be reviewing clinical data from Pfizer this Thursday. If everything goes well, there could be FDA approval and initial vaccinations by the end of the week. With COVID-19 cases surpassing 14.3 million and deaths tallying 278,500, the government is pushing initial vaccinations like never before. Under the current infrastructure, many believe that the COVID-19 vaccine deployment will be a massive target in the counterfeiting markets. A top cybersecurity company serving the healthcare industry has announced a way to secure the vaccination.

WISeKey Digital Certificates

According to a recent announcement, WISeKey has developed digital certificates for vaccines that secure current international certification of vaccination. WISeKey is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies that is deploying wide-reaching digital identity ecosystems. The company is innovating through blockchain, AI, and IoT technologies. More than 1 billion WISeKey microchips have been installed in nearly all IoT sectors such as connected cars, smart cities, drones, anti-counterfeiting, and many others.

Biometric passports, mobile phones, and other NFC secured ID cards will be able to confirm the identity of people and certification of a vaccine. This is made possible by WISeKey digital certificates being placed on NanoSeal microprocessors. Government agencies like Europol have already warned the public about online and offline scams associated with the new COVID-19 vaccine. Scams are expected to surface to defraud individuals and companies on a global basis.

Counterfeit pharmaceutical products can be extremely dangerous, especially since they can have a high chance of being abortive or toxic. Also, the World Health Organization is issuing “yellow cards” that certify vaccination during international travels, but these are expected to be inefficient. These pieces of paper will be extremely difficult to issue to hundreds of millions of people. Additionally, they are a prime target for criminal activities.

Carlos Moreira, the CEO and Founder of WISeKey recently stated that: 

“We must rethink the way the internet is built in order to unleash the potential of technology for healthcare, as this sector is still mainly an analogue sector waiting to be digitally transformed. By bringing human at the center of gravity and allowing it to freely consent to the use of its personal data, we can provide three immediate benefits: consent, traceability and protection. The Health sector transformation is going to be revolutionize by Artificial Intelligence of Things “AIoT” acting as the brain that will power the nervous system of the network of IoT health related identities and objects. With the introduction of 5G, the ecosystem will continue to grow at a much faster rate as 5G will enable the connection of every object, person, and machine. AIoT will embed AI into the core health system infrastructure components including Root of Trust, semiconductors, and edge computing. Specialized APIs are then used to provide interoperability between health applications at the device, software and platform level to optimize system and network operations.”

The Digital Alternative

It is hard to argue that issuing hundreds of millions of “yellow cards” is going to be efficient during vaccination. It is important to note that the inoculation will not be availed to everyone at the same time. The government is currently in the process of determining these logistics. In this type of environment, digital certificates put the country in the best position to stay transparent. A digital footprint would easily determine who could return to work and travel due to being vaccinated.

WISeKey has already been working on this solution. As mentioned above, these digital certificates would be added to biometric passports, mobile phones, and other NFC secured ID cards that contain a chip used for confirming the identity of hundreds of millions of people. While the government is moving at rapid speeds to launch a vaccination, transitioning to digital certificates is expected to be the most efficient way to systemize against fraud and other macro risks.

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