Orange Pill Podcast Orange Pill [OP15] – Bathing in Alien Technology

ORANGE PILL is joined by Sean Lennon to discuss getting Orange Pilled in Paris while bathing in alien technology


Nobody is color blind in bitcoin. What is unknown about bitcoin is vastly greater than what is known. Bitcoin is so mind blowing you need a trip sitter.

Sean does not want to live through a financial inquisition and there is no putting the bitcoin cat back into the bag.

Max Keiser then jumps the shark by comparing himself to Socrates before shouting, “Just listen to my words and get lit!”

Returning to reality, Sean says that celebrity itself has been decentralized. And, in terms of creativity, there’s always going to be places for the Leonardo DaVincis of their time to revolutionize consciousness – he just doubts it’s going to be a folk song. People assume art has to be useless because art is not a jacket.

And bitcoin as a source of optimism.

Madge Weinstein – aka Bloated Lesbian – rejoins ORANGE PILL from a beach outside of Miami to complain about Gordon Lightfoot’s Covid hypocrisy, alien cat poop and making peace not (civil) war.

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