Coinstar Partners With NAACP To Support Empowerment Programs

Coinstar Partners With NAACP To Support Empowerment Programs

Surveys show that despite a global pandemic, a high percentage of American’s still plan to donate money this holiday season. In a push to promote racial and social equality, Coinstar has partnered with NAACP to enable donations at coin-cashing machines. Coinstar is a one-stop solution for coin-to-cash, coin-to-eGiftcard, and a portal to purchase Bitcoin. 

Coinstar Donations

According to a report by Busines Insider, it could take 4 years to recover from the job losses witnessed in 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in 20M+ job losses, many individuals have struggled to maintain disposable income. Despite these metrics, a survey conducted by Coinstar shows that 45% of Americans plan to donate money this holiday season. During a time of division around the world, Coinstar has announced a new partnership with NAACP to enable donations at thousands of kiosks around the globe. Individuals that are fighting against race-based discrimination have a chance to easily donate at Coinstar locations.

Where Will The Contributions Go?

According to the announcement, donations made to NAACP will support the following areas:

  • Developing high academic and cultural achievement programs for black youths
  • Fighting for policies in criminal justice to enhance community safety
  • Supporting the efforts in human and civil rights issues such as climate change
  • Supporting political, educational, social, and economic equality during the electoral and legislative process

Jim Gaherity, the CEO of Coinstar, stated that:

“Coinstar has long provided an easy way for consumers to donate spare change to worthwhile nonprofit organizations at our kiosks, and we are proud to now add the NAACP to our roster of charities. The NAACP does valuable work to help create a culture of acceptance and equal rights, and the holiday season presents a wonderful opportunity for people to make a contribution.”

Tori O’Neal, the Chief of External Affairs at NAACP also commented that:

“The NAACP is very pleased to partner with Coinstar to facilitate donations at thousands of kiosk locations nationwide. Just as every small victory furthers our fight to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights, every penny, nickel, dime and quarter donated makes a difference and allows us to continue our work.”

Why Would You Visit A Coinstar Machine?

Coinstar now operates a multi-national network of self-service coin-counting machines. With over 22,000 kiosk locations, chances are you have walked past one at a store. The machines have become a one-stop solution for coin-to-cash, coin-to-eGift cards, and even Bitcoin purchases. Users who have an interest in these services can conclude their experience by making charity donations. As the world progresses into a digital economy, many people value a service that gets rid of their excessive change.

Coinstar made headlines in the crypto space in 2019 when it announced that machines would support Bitcoin purchases. This seemed to be a good move by the company, especially since similar protocols like Bitcoin ATMs have seen exponential growth in user activity. With many people still preferring to do business in person, Kiosks and ATMs provide this solution. According to CoinATMRadar, Bitcoin ATM installations have surged since 2014.

Bitcoin ATM installations
Source: CoinATMRadar

How This Benefits The Partnership

Despite Coinstar offering other services that draw in users, the surge in Bitcoin interest should positively affect the Coinstar and NAACP partnership. There seems to be a growing interest in digital assets, but there is still discomfort navigating online crypto exchanges. With this being said, many people prefer to initiate transactions in person. By going to a Coinstar location to purchase Bitcoin, the user can donate to Empowerment Programs that are directed through NAACP as well.

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