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MtSocks: Educating the World on Bitcoin two Feet at a Time

Numerous innovative ventures can be found in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. When MtSocks launched, it quickly became evident there is a lot more to Bitcoin socks than meets the eye at first. 

The Bitcoin Socks Venture

Raising brand awareness for the various cryptocurrencies on the market isn’t easy. Most companies tend to stick to the one currency most consumers are already familiar with: Bitcoin. In the case of MtSocks, the initial designs all revolve around the world’s leading cryptocurrency, which is a good thing.

This company also introduces a new way of marketing Bitcoin in a  convenient manner. Socks are a very common gift during any type of holiday, thus it would make it easier to start conversations about cryptocurrencies. Breaking the ice is crucial, and these socks make for an easy conversation starter.

Considering how the products offered by MtSocks are available globally, it can quickly change the narrative during any holiday season. Rather than rehashing old stories or discuss favorite sports team, these socks are rather unique. With these products, enthusiasts can educate the world about Bitcoin one pair of feet at a time. 

The Different Models

Customers interested in getting their own Bitcoin socks have multiple unique designs to choose from. Every design tells its own tale about Bitcoin. 

The “Bitcoin not Blockchain” angle is undoubtedly a firecracker. It is not necessarily a statement everyone agrees with, but it can make for some unique debates regardless.

Another design has the Roller Coaster Guy, depicting the wild swings in Bitcoin’s value. Getting involved in cryptocurrencies is not for the faint of heart. 

Last but not least, there is the Bitcoin Wizard, who has become somewhat of a mascot in the cryptocurrency industry. 

More designs will be added to the platform as time progresses, making for an even greater selection of products on offer.

The Yearly Sockscription

It is rather common for services providing clothing or socks to let users sign up for a yearly subscription. In the case of MtSocks, this is called a sockscription. Customers will receive one unique pair of Bitcoin socks per month, including a bonus pair when signing up. There are no additional shipping costs, making for a very competitive offering. 

This product model seems to indicate that there will be at least nine other MtSocks designs coming up. The first one is already hinted at on the website, albeit it is difficult to predict which one it will turn out to be. 

Bitcoin Payments Only

Not too many people will be surprised to learn the platform only accepts Bitcoin payments. Albeit alternative cryptocurrencies have their place, it is evident that there is only currency being used for commercial transactions on a broader scale. 

Proof of Sock

MtSocks is far from an ordinary company. They even utilize blockchain technology to provide a “Proof of Sock”. By utilizing this process, customers can very the socks were sold by the company itself and are not counterfeit in any way. 

Every pair of socks being sold is assigned a unique Bitcoin address, as well as a message with an order ID and date of purchase. As soon as customers receive their socks, they can use the Bitcoin-related data to verify the authenticity of the product. 

Albeit this may seem like a niche feature, it is a great example of using the Bitcoin blockchain for commercial purposes. There is a lot more to this technology than just recording Bitcoin values changing hands. Providing a proof of authenticity for everyone to verify on their own accord is just one way of utilizing the potential of this ledger.

Brought to you by CoinCorner

It is worth noting the MtSocks team is the same as the CoinCorner team. This socks-oriented venture is very different from the exchange  CoinCorner provides. 

However, there is also a clear link between the two ventures in many different ways. The socks make for educated feet, whereas the exchange can be of great interest to those who have become interested in purchasing cryptocurrency. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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