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Morpheus Labs Partners With Nervos Network To Work On Enterprise Based Blockchain Solution In SE Asia

On November 30, 2020, Morpheus Labs announced that it was collaborating with Nervos Network. The collaboration is taking place amidst an uptick in demand by enterprises looking to integrate blockchain solutions into their operations. By working together, the two firms can scale their business offering across numerous verticals. 

How The Partnership Will Work

The two entities will work to promote Nervos Network as one of the solutions offered by Morpheus Labs. Potential fields that will be targeted are eCommerce, healthcare, banking, international trade, and many others. The focus will be on the industrial application of the blockchain by enterprises. Nervos will provide the support and training needed by developers and entrepreneurs via training workshops. Through these workshops, participants will learn how to build on the Nervos Network. Additionally, Nervos will showcase implementations of the technology via industrial webinars.

Morpheus Labs launched v2.0 of the Morpheus Labs SEED platform in June 2020. The platform comes with advanced features and applications for both enterprise clients and developers. It provides an end-to-end development environment that can be used to build and deploy blockchain solutions. It is designed as a low-code development platform, which features an AppLibrary feature. The AppLibrary is used to showcase customizable industrial solutions. Nervos is going to list their applications for enterprises that choose to build their solutions on the Nervos Network.

Use Cases For Nervos Network

The Nervos Network focuses on privacy, security, and interoperability. Solutions built via Nervos Network can be applied to various use cases in different sectors such as healthcare to store medical data, and finance and banking to facilitate cross-border payments. Governments can also use the solutions built on the Nervos Network to build trust with the public, store sensitive data, and cut back administration costs.


According to Chug Pei Han, the Morpheus Labs CEO, with the resource of Nervos in tech solutions and joint marketing efforts, the partnership will provide high-quality blockchain solutions to firms globally. He added that these solutions would be provided costs effectively while helping to strengthen their position as the go-to platform for blockchain adoption. He added:

“We are also in talks to work on a similar engagement model with few eminent blockchain companies with a focus to provide solutions such as tele-consultancy and payment clearance in the professional consultancy and e-commerce markets.”

According to the co-founder of Nervos, Kevin Wang, the enterprise blockchain space was ripe with opportunities. However, there existed hurdles such as technical barriers, local regulations, and others that prevented the adoption of the technology by enterprises. The CEO added:

“With their extensive experience in the enterprise space, Morpheus Labs is the perfect partner for Nervos as we expand our reach across Southeast Asia and help more enterprise clients.”

The two firms plan to work together to promote their resources and tools. They will also work on new enterprise use cases with the goal of mainstream adoption of the blockchain.

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