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How Technology Affects Our Memories: The Mandela Effect

Did you know that a recent memory study revealed that 76% of adults failed to recall information accurately? Many people have reported instances of the Mandela Effect or other memory phenomenon in which information they thought was true previously was proven to be incorrect. While the Mandela Effect has affected groups of people for decades, it is believed that the advent of technology may have a hand in more frequent incidents.

The internet has made it easier than ever to gain access to endless amounts of information. As many of us know, not all information found online is true, but when so many people are sharing the same belief it can be hard to think otherwise. Conformity is one of the main explanations behind the Mandela Effect, and the internet can lead to more people feeling as though they need to fit in.

To make sure you are not falling victim to memory phenomenon such as the Mandela Effect due to technological advances, make sure to fact check any information you find online. This can not only prove the validity of information, but also provide solid arguments against false information. Learn more about the relationship between technology and the Mandela Effect in the infographic below:

Mandela Effect
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