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Is Bitcoin Suited for Day Trading?

Fluctuations in the cryptocurrency world have become renowned around the world. Whether it is Bitcoin or any of the alternative markets, the price differences can be very steep. The big question is: does that make Bitcoin a good candidate for day trading?

The Concept of Day Trading Explained

Contrary to how most people approach investments, day traders buy and sell an asset on the same day. Doing so can yield a decent profit, assuming that the market is volatile in nature. With cryptocurrencies, there has never been a shortage of volatility or price fluctuations to speak of. As such, one would be inclined to think that cryptocurrencies and day trading go hand-in-hand.

In reality, there are many ways to trade Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies. Exploring this native volatility can yield positive results, assuming traders take the necessary precautions. Just because a market sees significant price changes every day doesn’t mean everyone will make a profit. 

What to Prepare for

The first decision to be made is whether one wants to own cryptocurrency or be exposed to it. Both approaches can prove worthwhile, yet operate very differently from one another. Owning cryptocurrencies requires having a wallet and using exchanges. Exposure to these assets requires derivatives products, which can be found across different platforms.

Second, one has to explore the benefits of individual exchanges, trading platforms and brokers, It is equally crucial to weigh up the disadvantages as well. There will always be hidden fees, requirements, or aspects that need to be taken into account. 

Third, there is the option of day trading manually, or through software. Known as trading bots, these pieces of software can perform day trading tasks on behalf of the user. Results may differ from one bot to the next, thus some research will be needed first and foremost. 

Other Tools and Knowledge

Once all of the above has been checked off, the real preparation can begin. Day trading cryptocurrencies cannot be done without the right mindset, or the necessary understanding of trading indicators and patterns. Even if the day trading is done through a bot, users will still need to be aware of what the current market conditions dictate. 

Having the right mindset can also make a world of difference. Day trading is all about squeezing as much profit out of every trade as possible. However, this needs to be done without losing money or before the market reverses course. Cryptocurrency volatility can be nerve wracking, for both novice and experienced traders alike. 

As such, it is crucial to maintain a trading strategy that suits your needs, and stick with it. Day trading allows for many different strategies, including scalping, swing trading, and so forth. Finding what works for you  is crucial, but it will require some testing first. Engaging in paper trading can often give valuable insights as to how things work exactly. 

In the end, it all comes down to using the tools at one’s disposal at all times. More specifically, a combination of expertise, knowledge, and luck will always be required. Technical analysis plays a key role, even where day trading is concerned. 

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