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IOTA News #1: Metal Pay, Lidbot, Coordicide, Siemens Patent, RoundlyX, Dev Update, Trinity RC

A lot of different cryptocurrency ecosystems have come into existence. Some of them have very unique business models, such as IOTA.

This particular project tries to revamp payments, but in the Internet of Things segment. Significant progress has been made in this segment, as well as across other crucial segments of the crypto industry. 

Metal Pay Integration

The main purpose of Metal Pay is to make buying cryptocurrencies easier. Given the lack of real-world traction fro Bitcoin and altcoins, solutions like these can make a big impact. Metal Pay also provides a way to send money and earn money through its platform. 

Over time, this service has begun rolling out support for additional currencies. The most recent update seems to focus on IOTA integration. A prominent development for the community. It can also bring more positive attention to this ecosystem and native MIOTA asset. 

Lidbot Pre-orders

Some IOTA community members will be aware of Lidbot. It is a new piece of hardware designed to leverage IOTA technology. This IoT Fill-level sensor can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Whether it is waste bins, recycling, or re-ordering materials, the opportunities are virtually limitless. 

Pre-orders for the Lidbot sensors have gone live a few days ago. The price point of $100 appears more than fair. Powering the sensor requires 3 AA batteries, which can be swapped out without any problems. Shipping of these units will commence in a few weeks. 

Coordicide Whitepaper Update

It is not the first time a Coordicide whitepaper is shared with the public. The latest version revamps an earlier version to reflect new content made public in the year prior. As such, there are no big surprises in the whitepaper, but it is more accurate than before. Well worth the read for novice users and experienced IOTA fans alike.

Siemens Patent #13

Corporations all over the world have taken notice of IOTA’s technology. Some are even using it in rather interesting ways. Siemens, for example, leverages IOTA to protect login processes. A new patent has been filed to secure the right to such a system.

It is not the first, nor the last patent filing related to IOTA’s technology either. Over 110 patents have been filed by several dozen companies. Most of these patents refer to the underpinning Tangle technology. For Siemens, it is their 13th patent in this setting. 

RoundlyX Integration

Making cryptocurrencies more accessible is an ongoing challenge. Services such as RoundlyX can make a meaningful impact. It lets users round up spare change and buy cryptocurrencies automatically. This service now supports MIOTA as well. It is an interesting development, albeit it may not have much  of an impact right away.

January Dev Update

For those looking to remain on top of IOTA developments, the January Dev Status Update holds a lot of details. A lot of progress continues to be made across different projects and services. It appears that there will be plenty to look forward to as 2020 progresses. 

Trinity Wallet Desktop RC

A new release candidate for the Trinity Desktop wallet has been submitted last week. The core addition in this version is the Spent Address Recovery tool. This gives users an option to unlock funds from spent addresses. The release candidate should not be used with large amounts, however. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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