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Gold Provides Security During Times of Financial Instability

The lasting effects of the COVID pandemic are still unfolding as we are in our third years since the outbreak. Some of these effects are sadly seen in continuing health complications for ourselves or loved ones; some are in the various ways we’ve altered our standard procedures  in different aspects of daily life, and some are seen in the prices at the gas pump, in grocery stores, and retail stores. 


Inflation rose by 9.1% in 2021 alone, which is the highest we’ve seen since the 1980’s. The US dollar is depreciating and our financial futures seem a bit uncertain and scary. 


However, there is still a kind of investment to make that is not only not depreciating, but is actually increasing in value because of the current recession. This is an investment in gold


Gold is still the king of currencies as it can’t lose value and generally does increase in value during times of inflation. There is, and always will be, a finite amount of gold on the planet, and purchasing some of that gold gives a greater sense of foundation and security to any financial portfolio. 

In An Era Of Inflation, Gold Still Reigns Supreme
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