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The Future of Remote Work

Remote work has risen at drastic rates following the COVID pandemic in 2020. Overall, this has been a change people love. 78% of remote workers want to continue in a remote capacity for the rest of their career, although there are some unfortunate kinks that have presented themselves.

Digital interaction is decidedly more stressful. It’s been shown to greatly increase anxiety when people have to look at themselves in the corner of the screen. And the fact that digital calls also tend to show people’s faces much closer than one would see in an office also greatly increases anxiety.

On top of this, digital calls are inefficient. There’s a lot of time wasted waiting for meetings, they’re commonly canceled, 42% of remote workers say they don’t even contribute in online meetings, and they’re unnecessary at least some of the time.

These are problems that may take a long time to slowly and gradually solve. Although companies like RedRex have started to offer more drastic solutions. RedRex proposes a virtual workspace that will work to reduce anxiety and increase efficiency.

This workspace would have different digital floors and rooms where people could organize to meet and talk. This would make people feel more comfortable, increase efficiency, and generally could make work feel like a more united experience. This isn’t a perfect solution, but it represents a step in the right direction. Remote work is practical and easy, but steps towards efficiency and away from anxiety need to be made.

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