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Faster, smarter, anywhere – meet IXO, the next generation trading platform

  • Custom-built, AI-powered platform was designed by traders, for traders
  • Lean, efficient and intuitive interface enables both beginners and professional traders to spend more time doing what matters – trading
  • Secure, web-based IXO platform can be used on any device to trade CFDs, currencies, commodities and equities

London, 14th February 2020 – The global trading platform INFINOX has launched a new flagship platform that gives all traders –  from beginners to pros – unrivalled power and intelligence.

IXO was designed by traders, for traders. It is fast and intuitive, with a clean, concise interface that allows users to instantly trade a wide variety of CFDs.

Its layout is lean and efficient, with no complicated sub-menus or tricky jargon, with all the essential trading tools easy to find and use.

Crucially, it also offers an unrivalled combination of market intelligence and risk management tools that enable investors to make trades that are as informed as they are instant.

Central to the offering is an Artificial Intelligence-powered sentiment analysis tool, which is seamlessly integrated into the platform as a live dashboard showing current market sentiment towards a wide range of asset classes.

The tool runs sophisticated AI algorithms which continuously track more than five million data sources from around the world to build up a detailed, global picture of market attitudes towards everything from currencies to commodities, and from equity indices to cryptocurrencies.

Jay Mawji, Managing Director of INFINOX, commented:  “IXO was built with a clear goal in mind – to enable traders to get trading faster and better.

“Everything about it, from its clean, intuitive interface to its powerful range of tools, has been designed to put world-class trading power into all our clients’ hands.

“Our sentiment analysis tool in particular is a game-changer. It provides market insights that can give investors a decisive edge, providing clear, actionable intelligence they can use to improve their investment strategy.”

The sentiment analysis tool is part of IXO’s suite of user-friendly resources for active and inquisitive investors, including trading tutorials, daily market news and charts showing the interplay between sentiment and price.

As a web-based platform, IXO can be accessed securely from any internet-enabled device.



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