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Ethereum’s Istanbul Upgrade is Successful, yet Over 30% of the Network isn’t Ready

Ethereum has successfully completed its Istanbul fork a few hours ago. One downside to this event is how a lot of network clients and nodes are still not upgraded to accommodate these new changes.

Istanbul Activation is Successful

Whenever a cryptocurrency or blockchain ecosystem decides to integrate core changes, a fork will occur. It is then up to individual node owners and miners to pledge support to these changes. Once over 50% of the network agrees on the new rules, the fork can be deemed a success. 

In the case of Ethereum’s Istanbul upgrade, the changes have gone into effect successfully. The network block introducing the fork was mined successfully overnight, and there have been no real problems with these changes either. That is a good thing, as forks can always create some unforeseen consequences. 

Network Nodes Issue Remains

As the Istanbul fork activation date was announced weeks in advance, one would expect crucial network clients to have upgraded their software. Several days ago, it became apparent that 62% of the network was not ready to accommodate these new rules, just days prior to the fork taking place.

Now that the activation has been successful, the numbers have shifted. Among geth clients, 69% of users are ready to work with Istanbul’s changes. Parity-Ethereum clients have a 66% upgrade ratio, whereas Teth, Multigeth, Aleth, and Bor are still at 0%. Besu is the only client with a 100% upgrade ratio at this time. 

In the end, this means 68% of all Ethereum clients are ready and synced with Istanbul. Why the rest of the network is so slow to upgrade their software, remains unclear.  There is no ill-will among users to boycott the upgrade or fork Ethereum again into separate currencies. Instead, it seems some people are more than taking their time to make this upgrade happen.

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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