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EOS News Weekly #1: EOSIO 2, pEOS, Congestion Solution, Voice, Blackjack, Wanchain

Another busy week is in the books for fans of the EOS ecosystem. Plenty of developments take place behind the scenes on a regular basis.

Some of these developments introduce core changes, whereas others can still be important to select few individuals. 

The EOSIO 2.0 Launch

In terms of headlines, the EOSIO 2 news is perhaps the biggest change of them all. It introduces various upgrades affecting security, stability, and a few core fixes. This new update primarily caters to developers looking to build on top of this blockchain now or in the future. 

The team primarily aimed to address the speed at which smart contracts are executed. The EOS VM is crucial in this regard. It provides vast speed improvements for the network as a whole.  Lowering the barriers to entry for new developers is another crucial improvement. All in all, a very welcome and positive change that will take this ecosystem to a whole new level.

Using EOS on Ethereum

Exposing users of a specific currency to something native to another blockchain has never been easy or straightforward. The Equilibrium team has managed to do so. They will be working together with Provable to launch pEOS in the near future. These tokens will become fully functional within the ethereum ecosystem, including the DeFi segment.

The advantage of pEOS is how users maintain their stake in the native “input token” at all times. However, the pToken can be of great value to non-ethereum holders. Those offers tremendous opportunities for EOSDT owners, among others.  Further down the line, the goal is to bring non-EOS holders over to the EOS ecosystem through pTokens. 

A CPU Congestion “Workaround”

As a blockchain becomes more popular, there will often be a few hiccups to address. In EOS’ case, the CPU congestion plaguing the network has become a recurring problem of sorts. One community member came up with a DApp to circumvent those issues, up to a certain extent.

Through this DApp, users can perform transactions as long as there are pool resources. There is no staking or resource management required. Users will still need to pay for their transaction usage the next time they use this DApp. An interesting approach to this problem, albeit a long-term fix is direly needed. 

Voice has a CEO

One of the projects being built on EOS goes by the name Voice. It will serve as a decentralized media network, primarily developed by the Block.one team. Earlier this week, the company officially filled the CEO position. Former Forbes global Chief Digital Officer Salah Zalatimo will take up the help of Voice.

It is not the first time crypto projects attract key members from traditional media or finance either. This “poaching” has gone on for some time, and confirms the legitimacy of these projects. As Voice seeks to bring integrity to social media, it seems a logical challenge for Zalatimo. 

Blackjack Beta for EarnBet and EOSBet

Gambling platforms an DApps remain incredibly popular on the EOS blockchain. A blackjack game has been in development for quite some time now. Several days ago, the game was integrated into both EOSBet and EarnBet. 

It is the first decentralized blackjack game, according to its creators. For now, the offering remains in beta, thus players should act as such. It is another intriguing development for this ecosystem, as these offerings attract both existing and novice enthusiasts. 

Special Mention: EOS-Wanchain

Despite taking place over a week ago, this development is still interesting. The introduction of cross-chain support between EOS and Wanchain is currently on the testnet. Users will be able to manage their EOS account resources through the Wanchain wallet, and perform cross-chain transfers through wEOS tokens.

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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