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DigiByte News Weekly #1: Anniversary, TokenView, Decentralized Stablecoin, D’Cent, Network Health

For alternative cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to stand out among competitors. Not all currencies receive the attention they rightfully deserve, however. 

In the case of digibyte, there are many different things to pay close attention to. A lot is going on behind the scenes, indicating that this project is still progressing nicely. 

Six Year Anniversary

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts haven’t been around this industry for more than two or three years. That in itself further validates this major milestone digibyte has achieved in the past week. Despite the odds, the altcoin project has been around for six years already. 

It was around well before ICO tokens and will remain in existence after most of those projects have disappeared into obscurity. There is a lot more to digibyte than meets the eye at first. The YouTube video above is a recap of the six-year anniversary of DGB.

Tokenview Support

Gathering crucial data on different cryptocurrencies is often a daunting task. TokenView provides a valuable oversight of key metrics for dozens of projects. In its most recent update, the platform added support for digibyte, as well as a few other projects. 

As can be seen in the Tweet, TokenView deems digibyte to one of the “more promising projects”. It is thanks to metrics data providers such as this that people learn more about alternative ecosystems. The cryptocurrency industry is about so much more than just bitcoin and ethereum, after all. 

A Decentralized Stablecoin?

One peculiar trend in the cryptocurrency industry is the rise of stablecoins. Most of the top stablecoins are all pegged to the US Dollar, which makes a lot of sense. At the same time, most of these offerings are fully centralized, which is far from ideal. A more decentralized approach seems more than warranted in this day and age.

Digibyte creator Jared Tate is a proponent of a decentralized stablecoin. Such a stable currency can bring a lot of exposure to this blockchain ecosystem. For now, a lot more research needs to be done prior to committing to such a steep endeavor. 

D’Cent Support

Gaining more exposure as an alternative currency is never an easy task. Any opportunity to create some buzz is welcomed with open arms. The D’CENT biometric wallet now supports DGB as an asset. Another notch in the belt for this ecosystem and its supporters. 

Network Statistic Charts

The importance of an alternative cryptocurrency can be gauged in different ways. One option is to look at the transaction count and active addresses. DigiByte has noted a serious spike between late December 2019 and early January 2020.

Fintoism DBB Growth 1y

Sustaining this momentum will be key. It appears that there are move active addresses compared to a few weeks ago, which is interesting to see. The overall spike in transactions is a bit odd, but the network remains healthy overall. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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