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DeFi Deposit Rates Roundup: Dash, BCH, BTC, ETH, and XRP Remain Lucrative

The decentralized finance industry continues to attract  a lot of attention. Current interest rates offered by some DeFi projects seem to warrant this optimism. Statistics are provided by LoanScan.

As is always the case, these rates will remain variable at all times. This is primarily due to fluctuations in supply and demand. This list doesn’t include stablecoins, as they will be covered separately. 

Ethereum Deposit Rates

Most of the DeFi solutions are built on top of Ethereum. Even so, this asset does not necessarily yield the highest deposit rates by definition. It can be lucrative to lock up ETH in this financial segment, however. Several projects offer more than adequate returns, albeit these rates will not be stable throughout.

For now, Crypto.com provides the highest rate at 6%. This is a lot higher compared to the 4.1% through BlockFi. CoinList provides a 2.92% rate, which is still far better than a traditional bank account. Celsius sits at 2.3%. Everything else sits well below 2%, with most platforms even going below 0.5%. 

Bitcoin Deposit Rates

One would expect the higher Bitcoin price to result in lower lending rates. That is not necessarily the case either. In fact, the rates for BTC are more adequate than Ethereum so far. There are fewer options to choose from, however, but that isn’t a hindrance.

Decent rates can be earned through Hodlnaut – 6.2% – and BlockFi – 6.2%, as well as Crypto.com with 6%. CoinList at 2.92% and Celsius at 2.5% are also viable options. Users keeping funds on exchanges can choose between Bitfinex and Poloniex. Those rates at 1.38% and 1.14% respectively. 

Other Noteworthy Crypto Assets

It is evident that DeFi providers need to look well beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other than stablecoins, there are options with decent returns. Ripple’s XRP can yield up to 6% per annum, through Crypto.com, or 5.11% via CoinList. 

ZRX, one of the many Ethereum-based tokens, is also a viable option. It is subject to 5.11% on Coinlist, or 2.85% on Celsius,  

Basic Attention Token, Maker, and Augur can all yield 5.11% through CoinList, this appears to be a relatively fixed rate, as it extends to Litecoin as well. For EOS, it drops slightly to just 4.38%

Speaking of Litecoin, it also supported by Crypto.com for a 6% rate. Other yields include BlockFi’s 3.8% and Celsius’ 3.2%.  

For EOS, Celsius is the best DeFi option at 5.5%

Extremely high rates can be achieved for Dash and Bitcoin Cash. On Poloniex, Dash lending currently yields a return of up to 25.5%.  That number will undoubtedly drop in the coming hours and days, however. 

For Bitcoin Cash, the best option is CoinList. It offers a 10.95% deposit rate at the time of writing. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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