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Dash News #2: Venezuela Growth, Performance, Mexican ATMs, CBI, Electropay, WhiteBit, Hashrate Spike

Very few ecosystems are as active as Dash. The purpose of this cryptocurrency is to transform digital payments and provide privacy-oriented options. So far, things have progressed rather nicely, and continue to improve to boot. 

Growth in Venezuela

It is evident that cryptocurrencies can make an impact in Venezuela. The country’s financial problems have been well-documented over the years. Dash is one of the crypto projects actively targeting this region. So far, the effort has been successful in many different ways. 

Based on the statistics above, the growth is very tangible. The number of active Android devices with a Dash wallet has increased by nearly 700% since May of 2019. This does not represent the total install numbers, which is potentially higher. Very strong growth for this currency in the inflation-stricken country. 

Overall Performance is Promising

Statistics shared by CryptoDiffer are always worth keeping an eye on. A lot of tokens can outperform Bitcoin, albeit they often don’t get much attention. Dash has been on this lost once again. There is some very interesting competition emerging in this segment. 

Mexican ATM Support

Cryptocurrency ATMs are often seen as a gateway for newer users entering the market. Converting fiat currency to crypto assets through a teller machine is crucial. Most of the cryptocurrency ATMs only support Bitcoin. Over the years, some enabled support for alternative assets as well.

Following a partnership with Tauros, Dash is now coming to Mexico. More specifically, 11,000 ATMs will allow users to convert between Dash and the Mexican Peso. This is part of the project’s ongoing Latin American remittance strategy, by the look of things. 

Competitive Basket Index

Every single day, there is a Reddit post regarding the Competitive Basket Index. Dash is doing quite well in this regard. In fact, this crypto asset tends to outperform virtually everything else on a regular basis. One of the more impressive statistics to keep an eye on in 2020 and beyond.

Electropay Growth

Partnering with a point-of-sale hardware provider is a big step forward for any cryptocurrency. In the case of Dash, this partnership comes in the form of Electropay. So far, it has been an eventful and fruitful collaboration. The Dash Mall and Parking project noted over 1,000 transactions through these devices in January of 2020.  Sustaining further growth will be crucial. 

WhiteBit News

WhiteBit is an underappreciated cryptocurrency exchange. It has partnered Dash a while ago. Users of the trading platform can now enjoy zero-fee trading for another week. Moreover, the platform also supports Dash’s ChainLink feature. This feature of the project’s protocol can be a game changer for exchanges globally. 

Dash Hashrate Surge

As documented on this website last week, the Dash hashrate is soaring. In fact, a new all-time  high was reached roughly a week ago. While the overall hashrate has dropped off a bit ever since, it is still a very intriguing development. Rising prices seem to bring back a lot of miners who might have bailed in 2018 or 2019. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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