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dApp Spotlight: Pepo

Building a new distributed application has become significantly easier over the years. Creating a dApp people will keep on using, is something else entirely. Pepo is catering to users and aims to retain them, primarily if they are interested in cryptocurrencies. 

A Brief Overview of Pepo

As a cryptocurrency enthusiasts, there are many different places to find information or start a conversation. Doing so without dealing with a toxic environment, however, is not as common. Platforms such as Reddit, BitcoinTalk,and other welcome any discussion, as long as it fits with most people’s agenda. 

Solving this problem has proven to be very difficult. The Pepo team may have come up with an elegant solution. This dApp is designed to bring the cryptocurrency community together and utilize short video updates in the process. There is also a native token which can be distributed as a show of appreciation.

The Pepo team primarily wants to target users from all strides of life in the cryptocurrency industry. Content creators, developers, loggers, and enthusiasts are all more than welcome. Showcasing one’s work has never been easier.

What is There to do?

For the average cryptocurrency users, Pepo offers many things to do. It is a social platform to meet other like-minded individuals and groups who try to advance cryptocurrency in their own way. Solutions like these can often lead to exchanging ideas and eve new collaborations or other projects.

There are also the exclusive video updates, which will keep everyone informed as to what is going on behind the scenes. There is a lot to learn when getting involved in cryptocurrencies, after all. With convenient access to video updates, news, and project updates, there is a one-stop solution for everything most people need.

There is also the option for users to create and share their own videos. Not only can they contribute to the ecosystem, but also receive tokens of appreciation. In a way, Pepo is designed to be the decentralized social network cryptocurrency users have been looking for.

The Native Asset 

Every dApp has its own native asset or currency. In this case, the project deals with Pepo Coins. Everyone who likes content shared by someone else will automatically send them 1 Coin. 

These ERC-20 tokens can’t be transferred outside of the app, but they are a currency for gift cards. This helps create a sense of value for this currency, yet it will not have a volatile value like other cryptocurrencies. These native tokens are linked to staked IOST coins. 

Mobile Availability

Pepo is not just a dApp accessible through a web browser. There are dedicated application for smartphone users. The software can be downloaded on both Android and iOS at no cost. There is no indication other mobile operating systems will be supported in the future, albeit that situation can always change if there is enough demand. 

User Statistics

Current statistics for the past week show Pepo is on the right track. It is very difficult for  a social-oriented platform or dApp to gain any real traction right away. With over 200 active weekly users generating 5,531 transactions, there is some initial momentum behind this project. It will be interesting to see if these figures improve as more time progresses. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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