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dApp Spotlight: Gods Unchained

Standing out in the world of dApps is no easy feat. Companies need to ensure their users keep coming back for more. Collectible trading card games, such as Gods Unchained, tend to fare quite well in this regard.

The main purpose of this dApp is to collect blockchain-based cards, utilize them, and even trade assets with other players.

The Gods Unchained Ecosystem

One drawback to physical card games is how users can collect cards, but also lose them if something goes wrong. When it comes to most digital variants, users do not have any control over the cards they collected or purchased. dApps such as Gods Unchained aim to remove all of those drawbacks from these types of games, and put the user in full control over their deck at all times.

The main selling point of this project is letting users collect and trade cards, while also earn real-world currency. This is done by issuing all cards as blockchain-based assets, which are controlled by the player. This allows these assets to be traded freely, either for other cards or money. Through the blockchain, there can be no “scams”, as the ownership will change hands in real-time for everyone to see. 

$15m in Funding

In September of 2019, the team behind this TCG confirmed it has received $15m through a financing round. Investors include Naspers, Galaxy Digital, and Apex Capital, among others.  This money will be used to further develop and market the game itself, as well as its Immutable Platform. 

The Immutable Platform is a way for third-party developers to utilize the technology underpinning Gods Unchained. It exists as an operating system for decentralized applications. 

The Game Itself

Gods Unchained positions itself as a competitive and balanced trading card game with a strong focus on strategic game play. Players will engage in 1v1 battles, but it is not one’s traditional experience. Instead, battles in this game are designed to feel meaningful and unique. 

Since users will never play alone, the game also provides in in-game chat system. This can lead to hilarious conversations or some trash talking along the way. 

Gods Unchained also provides rotating game modes, which will make every encounter even more interesting. Some modes let players pick their opponents’ cards, for instance. It is also possible to create private tournaments with custom rules, allowing for significant customization. 

The name “Gods Unchained” also refers to the six Gods players can pledge their allegiance to. Every God has its own play style and God Power. Having the option to use a one-time ultimate move for a competitive advantage ensures all battles remain challenging up until the end. 

Card Rotations and Battle Royale

The main objective of any TCG is to collect as many cards as possible and build stronger decks. With Gods Unchained, there is an option to build one’s first deck – or future deck – at little to no cost.  

The team offers a vast collection of core cards and weekly rotations free of charge. This is done to attract new players, as well as allowing experienced players to grab those few cards they have been missing out on.

There is also the Battle Royale option. It lets players power up their decks with cards acquired by defeating opponents. Players can enter the battle royale free of charge every single day and earn valuable prizes along the way. It is another great way to keep building decks and strengthen one’s position in the game’s ecosystem.

Genesis Season and World Championship

New players of Gods Unchained may want to pick up one of the Genesis Season packs. It contains 380 unique cards, which are only available prior to the game launch. These card packs will help players build their first decks and venture into the gaming world that Gods Unchained has to offer.

It is also worth noting these presale packs serve a secondary purpose. Of these pack sales, 10% will be put into Gods Unchained’s first World Championship prize pool. So far, over $540,000 has been raised. The team hopes to offer $1.6m in prize money once the tournament goes live, thus there is still a long way to go in this regard. 

Player Marketplace

One of the core aspects of this TCG is how users can interact with other players in different ways. One option to explore is to trade cards with other gamers, or even sell them for cryptocurrency. This is done through the game’s built-in marketplace, which runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

This marketplace will also serve as a way to obtain season cards that are no longer available. As such, those who obtain those cards could experiment with reselling them at a later date and perhaps pocket some small profit. 

What Comes Next?

There is still a lot of work ahead for the Gods Unchained team. For now, the focus lies on gathering valuable feedback from early beta players. That information can then be used to introduce the marketplace and allow for tournaments to begin taking place. Later on, the focus will shift to the first-ever World Championship, for which no official date has been announced at this time. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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