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dApp Spotlight: Antube

By default, the internet is supposed to be decentralized. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case in 2019. The demand for decentralized services is heating up, and Antube provide an interesting video sharing alternative.

A Different Take on Video Sharing

Most of the video content is consumed through YouTube. While that company provides a great infrastructure, it is far from perfect. Copyright strikes, revenue changes, and removal of content are just three of a lot more common problems when utilizing this platform.

Antube is designed to do things a bit differently. It still focuses on providing a mobile video community ecosystem, where contributions are rewarded. Additionally, those watching the videos will receive value in exchange. With no one to govern the platform and its content, that is left up to the community as a whole. 

Engaging Users

Antube’s main focus lies with sharing and viewing videos. However, the ecosystem also goes much further than just that. Users can complete daily and weekly tasks, check-in, et cetera. All of these actions will reward users with value in the form of DTA and ATT points. 

Users can also follow other Antubers. This can be done to keep tabs on their video content, or simply find others who are into the same type of content. The “follow” option also helps curate content to suit individual users’ needs. While they can still check out the main feed and different categories, creating a personalized experience is a smart approach.

Uploading videos to Antube is done slightly differently from normal platforms. It doesn’t require users to manually upload a video. Instead, they can import content from other platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.  How this will fare regarding potential copyright issues, remains somewhat unclear.

Plenty of Work Ahead

While Antube might help decentralize video content on the internet, it still relies on centralized platforms to import content from. That is part of the business model that might not make too much sense to most. 

There are also the two native reward tokens. that users can earn both ATT and DTA, creating a lot of confusion among novice users. This is perhaps something that the team needs to streamline during the beta testing period. Making it more clear why there are different rewards and how they work exactly is something to address.

For novice users, Antube can hold a lot of promise. It makes it rather easy to get one’s first crypto assets. However, getting that funds out of the app and converting it to a different cryptocurrency will be quite challenging.  That doesn’t mean the platform will be of less interest. However, it is not necessarily a worthwhile money making solution either.

For a mobile application, Antube can capture a global audience with ease. It also shows how decentralized video sharing and content consumption can work in a perfect world. Unfortunately, it seems that this dApp still has a lot of rough edges that need to be polished. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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