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Danish Crypto Traders Launch EU Regulated Hedge Fund ARK36

Larnaca, 22 October 2020: ARK36 announces its launch as an actively managed investment fund, focused on the cryptocurrency markets, delivering a risk-adjusted exposure to crypto-assets for professional investors. The fund is regulated as an Alternative Investment Fund with Limited Number of Persons (AIFLNP) by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, (CySEC), is based in Larnaca, Cyprus, and has appointed Grant Thornton Cyprus as fund administrators.

Even during a global pandemic, expansive economic policies are pushing the equities and commodities markets higher, forcing investors to look to minimise their exposure to the rising inflation shown by major fiat currencies. This has driven interest in the cryptocurrency market, which has risen from a total market capitalization of 17 billion at the start of 2017 to more than 200 billion at the start of 2020. As a licensed AIFLNP, aimed specifically at cryptocurrency investments, ARK36 is ideally placed to capitalize on this growth while its focus on crypto, rather than a range of alternative investments, means that investors looking to diversify their portfolios will not find their exposure to other asset classes duplicated.

ARK36’s Danish management is comprised of partners Ulrik Lykke and Mikkel Mөrch, supported by Jacob Skaaning and Marck Bertelsen. The team behind ARK36 have been active investors in cryptocurrency since 2012 and before that in other markets. The fund’s active management style builds on the founders’ experience in privately owned crypto investment vehicles, prior to the launch of ARK36, which prove a track record of significant outperformance of the markets, while prioritising security and risk management. The fund emphasises transparency and enables investors to keep track of their investments, via a comprehensive dashboard.

Yiannos Ashiotis, Leader for Regulatory Compliance and Fund Services at Grant Thornton, Cyprus, commented: “We have been working closely with the founders at ARK36 to facilitate their achievement of the CySEC license and continue to support them with fund administration tasks including client onboarding, subscriptions and NAV calculation. Grant Thornton Cyprus has been expanding its work in the cryptocurrency sphere, responding to strong demand as digital asset investment becomes increasingly mainstream.”

ARK36 Co-Founder Ulrik Lykke said: “The launch of ARK36 as an EU-regulated cryptocurrency hedge fund represents the culmination of two years of planning, market research and compliance work. We are excited to offer our digital asset investment services to professional investors looking to bridge the gap between traditional investment and this growing market, in a secure and risk-mitigated manner.”

About ARK36

ARK36 is among the first fully licensed investment funds in Europe investing exclusively in bitcoin and other crypto assets. With our extensive experience in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, we make it our aim to deliver risk-adjusted exposure to this new and exciting asset class with a focus on portfolio management, risk management, security, proper regulation, and compliance. We do this while providing a high level of customer service and transparency to our investors.

The fund is regulated as an Alternative Investment Fund with Limited Number of Persons (‘AIFLNP’) authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (‘CySEC’) (licence no: LPAIF147/2018). The Company is located at Kordictonos str. 2, 1 – 6022 – Larnaca, Cyprus. Grant Thornton Cyprus are the fund administrators.

For more information see https://ark36.com/

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