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Chainlink Dethrones Lisk as Most Actively Maintained Blockchain Project

Maintaining cryptocurrency development repositories requires external help from coders. For the longest time, Lisk maintained the top lead in this segment. Recently, Chainlink has taken the crown, in a surprising turn of events. 

Chainlink Surpasses Lisk

According to statistics provided by CryptoMiso, there are some interesting changes in terms of ongoing cryptocurrency and blockchain development. For the past few months. Lisk dominated the charts. It has a ton of commits from developers every single month. More importantly, it is one of the few projects capable of sustaining this rate of activity. That in itself puts Lisk apart from most other projects in this space. 

Things are slowly changing, however. Lisk is still very active on the development front. Over the past 12 months, its repositories have noted 3.7400 commits from 65 contributors. A remarkable level of support, for obvious reasons. Despite this ongoing development, it seems as if fewer people talk about this project. That makes one wonder why this ecosystem is not getting more attention as of late. 

Source: CryptoMiso

For all intents and purposes, so many commits are groundbreaking. There are other projects noting thousands of commits in the past year as well. However, Bitcoin, for example, has 2.563 commits. That is nearly 33% fewer contributions compared to Lisk. At the same time, more people contribute to the development of Bitcoin. It is also an “older” project, perhaps warranting less upkeep compared to Lisk. 

What is more remarkable, however, is how Lisk is no longer in the lead. In fact, it has been surpassed by Chainlink in recent weeks. The new leader has nearly 300 commits more in the past 12 months, despite having fewer contributors. It goes to show that a lot of things are happening behind the scenes of all projects.

Chainlink Momentum Grows

It has to be said, there simply are more services and products integrating Chainlink technology as of late. Ranging from DEXes to dApps and DeFi solutions, the growth is accelerating. Even centralized exchanges see merit in these decentralized price oracle services. Slowly but surely, Chainlink is-  unlike Lisk – expanding its reach. 

At the same time, this growth also poses risks. No network is safe from hacking or disruption. If something happens to Chainlink, a lot of other services and products will encounter big problems. When everyone relies on the same – decentralized – solution, a point of failure is created. That needs to be avoided at all costs, especially in this industry. 

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