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Brave Will Roll out Sponsored Images as an Extra BAT Reward Option

The Brave ecosystem is all about providing a better user experience when surfing the internet. Unlike other browsers, it also offers options for users to be rewarded for their attention. 

To further expand on that functionality, the Brave team has begun to introduce “Sponsored Images”. It is a logical extension of the company’s private advertising platform.

More Incentives to use Brave

There are many different reasons why Brave is a superior browser. It removes unwanted ads from the equation. Using this browser is also significantly faster compared to Chrome, Firefox, or others. In the end, all of this helps users become more efficient while browsing the internet.

To top it all off, users can earn money by receiving advertisements. In the settings, users can receive up to 5 ads per hour. Every ad seen will be rewarded in the form of a Basic Attention Token share. Viewing more ads will lead to higher earnings. 

To advance this ecosystem, Brave looks for additional potential revenue streams. It seems a solution has been found in the form of Sponsored Images. These are the backgrounds users see when opening a new tab in their browser.

By introducing this new feature, users have an extra reason to turn on Brave’s Rewards. Being compensated for one’s attention is always a bonus. It is a very different take on browsing the internet. Instead of companies selling user data, the user can be paid for their activities.

Why Introduce it now?

Although the native Brave Rewards work fine, it is crucial to keep users engaged. By opting for Sponsored Images, a non-intrusive solution is found to introduce new revenue streams. 

Most users will not mind seeing more background options when opening a new tab either. It is a feature that can set Brave apart from its competitors over time. In fact, the company feels it is one of its most recognizable elements. As such, turning into an advertising opportunity makes perfect sense.

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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