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Brave Rewards Users and Creators for Being Part of a Better Internet

Browsing the internet can be either enjoyable or incredibly frustrating. Most of it comes down to which browser one utilizes at the moment. The Brave browser is certainly a competitive product, primarily because it is far better than Chrome in many different ways.

What is Brave Exactly?

Most people who surf the Internet will use the browser they are most comfortable with. It is very difficult for new entrants to compete with Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Even getting to the level of Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer has proven to be incredibly challenging.

If there is one browser that has a fair shot at achieving those levels, it has to be Brave. Its browsing experience is much smoother than any browser on the market, it is cross-platform compatible, disables nasty tracking code son all websites, and lets users decide on which ads they want to see, if any at all. For most internet users, it is exactly what they are looking for.

Faster Than Other Browsers

The main difference Brave users note compared to using other browsers is the speed at which websites load. If a website is slow in general, it doesn’t matter what software one utilizes to access it. For most modern websites, however, there is a vast difference as to how the information is displayed and rendered. 

A lot of platforms utilize ads for monetization, and often force browsers to load those scripts ahead of the site’s actual content. As such, users will experience major delays when opening certain sites. Brave removes all of those problems, as it displays the site’s content and removes the annoying advertisements altogether. 

The difference this makes in terms of browsing the Internet is astonishing. Most people don’t even realize how much time is ‘wasted” on the internet by having to wait for page content to render properly. 

With Brave, users can effectively  save time when browsing the World Wide Web. Those statistics are also tracked within the browser itself, which is a nice added touch. It is not uncommon to save up to 30 minutes per month on one’s browsing session by utilizing Brave as a browser. 

Privacy Focus by Default

As more and more browsers give in to their corporate overloads with the fat stacks of money, the end user will be the one suffering. Brave addresses this problem by removing everything that makes the Internet rather annoying to browse. That includes all advertisements, but also the other techniques site owners and browser creators rely on to harvest as much user data as possible. 

Moreover, the built-in Shields function also ensures no trackers will be able to collect one’s information or browsing habits. This gives users the option to browse the Internet freely, the way it was intended to. The blocking of these trackers and other nefarious tools also ensures the internet simply looks and feels faster. All of these crucial aspects are entwined in their own way.

Native Tor Support

Most users are familiar with how every browser provides an “incognito” mode of some sorts. This is, by default, designed to give users more privacy. Brave has this mode as well, although it also takes things several steps further. By actively introducing native Tor support at the click of a button, this mainstream browser offers users with an extra layer of privacy.

Contrary to what some may think, Tor can be used to browse the entire internet, and not just darknet sites. A lot of people utilize Tor for a variety of purposes, including privacy reasons. With Tor, users can also hide their browsing history, mask their location, and provide anonymous internet browsing. All of this is offered at no extra cost and without slowing down the overall browsing experience through this software. 

The Built-in Brave Rewards

Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox do not reward users, nor do they allow users to reward content creators directly. With brave, that situation is very different. By utilizing the native Basic Attention Token, or BAT, there is a way for users to earn money while simply browsing the internet. In the settings, users can opt to see privacy-respecting ads and be rewarded for checking them out.

The BAT rewards also serve a secondary purpose. It is entirely possible and encouraged for browser users to tip their favorite content creators through the built-in features. It makes for an ecosystem where surfers and creators can benefit without having to rely on third-party advertisers and their potentially shady practices. 

But my Extensions….?

For Chrome users, it might not appear too appealing to switch to Brave. After all, everyone has their own plugins and extensions in Chrome they can’t live without. As Brave’s code base is built on the same foundation as Google Chrome, the plugins and extensions work across both browsers.

In fact, any plugin or extension from the Chrome Web Store can be added to the new browser with the click of a button. This makes the transition from Chrome to Brave a lot smoother. Combined with the speed improvements, privacy aspects, and potential earnings from surfing the web, there is very little reason to stick with Google’s data-hungry client.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Similar to other self-respecting browsers, users can enjoy the Brave experience across multiple devices. The desktop client is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Mobile users on Android and iOS can experience this browser by downloading it from their respective app stores.

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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