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Bitcoin SV has over 10 times the transaction count of Bitcoin Cash despite miners favoring BCH

Comparing network metrics of different cryptocurrencies is always interesting. Whereas most coins should never be compared, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV make for an intriguing comparison. 

Especially in terms of transaction count, an interesting change has become apparent in recent months. It would appear that BCH is falling behind significantly in this regard.

Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin Cash Transaction Count

A lot of people remain on the fence about both of these Bitcoin forks. Not entirely surprising, as both seem to take attention away from Bitcoin itself. Contrary to what most people expected, both BSV and BCH have a substantial market cap. That goes to show how both projects seemingly have ample support, both from users and miners alike. 

Fintoism BCH BSV Transaction Count

However, the transaction count for both networks show an interesting development. Since mid-June of 2010, Bitcoin SV has firmly taken over. Its transaction count is well ahead of Bitcoin Cash. More importantly, the gap between both networks continues to grow larger as more time progresses. This is not the statistic most enthusiasts expected to see at this time.

Yesterday, the BSV network processed over 577,449 transactions. Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, registered just over 46,000 transfers. It is always difficult to determine what is driving these figures exactly. Spam transactions, a dusting attack, and funds moving to and from exchanges are all taken into account where these figures are concerned. 

Mining Support Looks Very Different

A high number of transactions only tells one part of the story. The support from miners is also crucial to keep an eye on. In that particular department, Bitcoin Cash remains well ahead of Bitcoin SV. That is a bit surprising, when looking at the overall transaction count for both networks.

Fintoism BCH BSV Hashrate

However, profitability is a core aspect of cryptocurrency mining. Given the current values for BCH and BSV respectively, it is evident which is the more lucrative to mine. That situation may not necessarily “flip anytime soon. More specifically, unless BSV gains $100 in value, it seems likely to assume that BCH will be the more profitable option to mine. Under the current bullish market circumstances, anything can happen.

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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