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Bitcoin Cash News Weekly #1: Airdrops, Meetups, Read.Cash, Burger King, LN Failure

Bitcoin Cash is an ecosystem many people tend to overlook. Regardless of the overall opposition, there are still plenty of recent developments to play close attention to.

SLP Tokens for BCH Airdrops

It is not too common to airdrop an existing cryptocurrency not issued as a token. For bitcoin cash, this process has become a lot more straightforward. Anyone can, in theory, airdrop BCH to users by making use of SLP tokens and the Dividend Tool. It is a great way for Meetup or other event organizers to reward attendees.

Through Memo.cash, anyone can create SLP tokens for a Meetup or other purpose. When doing so, these tokens can be airdropped to attendees or friends. After the drop is complete, creators can then send BCH dividends to holders of their SLP token. The total amount will be split evenly among all token holders. 

Growing Australian Meetup Scene

Speaking of Meetups, it remains a powerful tool for bitcoin cash enthusiasts. Particularly in Australia, these events continue to attract a lot of attention. A video has surfaced of a newcomer making his first BCH purchase during such an event.

Cryptocurrencies are often labeled as “too complex” for the everyday user. The video above shows that is clearly not the case. Adoption and usage of BCH continue to increase. Australia remains a prominent region for this currency, which can only be considered to be a good thing. 

Monetizing Content With Read.Cash

Monetizing online creations is always a crucial challenge. While it should be easy to do so, that is far from the case. Initiatives such as Read.Cash can prove to be of great assistance in this regard. It is a platform to publish content and earn bitcoin cash.

Submitted content can be upvoted and reward BCH in the process. For content creators, this is another alternative option worth exploring.  Making money as a blogger has become a more difficult in recent years. Solutions like these alleviate concerns and can expose more people to cryptocurrencies. 

Burger King Slovenia

Not too long ago, Burger King in Venezuela began experimenting with cryptocurrencies. Those locations will welcome Dash, with other assets following suit. In Slovenia, it appears that one restaurant now accepts BCH transactions. This integration has seemingly occurred back in 2019.

Transactions appear to be powered by Eligma. This company provides cryptocurrency payment gateway support for retailers. It seemingly struck a deal with one Burger King to integrate such payment options. Despite being – technically speaking – “old news”, it appears that most people remain unaware of this development.

LN Traffic Analysis Paper

One of the recent developments getting a lot of attention is this research paper. It analyzes bitcoin’s Lightning Network and associated traffic. The findings of the research are not impressive by any means. It confirms that  a high rate of LN transactions runs the risk of failing completely. 

Albeit this news is not entirely surprising, the situation is more dire than most assume. This paper also validates the approach by bitcoin cash developers in terms of scaling. While not everyone may agree with the approach, it certainly has potential. The LN may have similar potential once it works properly. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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