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Audius revolutionizes the music streaming industry for artists and listeners alike

Blockchain technology can lead to some very unique use cases. Audius is positioning itself as a  new platform for musicians and fans of music alike.

The Audius Vision

It has become very difficult to stand out as a music-oriented platform. Following the rise of streaming services, many think there is no room left for innovative platforms in this space. Nothing can be further from the truth, as artists still get the short end of the stick. Solving that problem will not come easy, but Audius may offer one possible solution.

Fintoism Audius Overview

Audius is a streaming platform built for all musicians, regardless of ties to record labels. It is a better way of building a core audience and distributing original works with the world. All of the content can be monetized with ease, giving musicians full control over what they do. 

By putting the focus on artists, Audius can succeed where others have failed. Corporations and labels don’t always want what’s best for the artist or their fans. Audius puts the focus on the aspects that really matter to all parties involved.

The Core Points of Focus

Music quality is crucial to anyone. Streaming services often provide decent quality, but it can still miss that “oompf” some listeners are looking for. Through Audius, all streams will come with a 320 kpbs bitrate. It is the highest quality sound found among free music platforms on the internet today. 

Secondly, artists are given access to unlimited uploads forever. They can store music and other content for their fans without paying a dime. It also becomes convenient to track everything through built-in dashboards and metrics, among other things. Transparency is key in this industry, and it needs to be provided at all times. 

Most importantly, this new platform is censorship resistant. Artist profiles can never be removed from the platform, nor can their tracks. This is a development that the music industry so direly needs in this modern day and age. Any censorship resistant solution is favorable compared to other platforms, regardless of potential money to be earned.

Desktop app and Web Interface

Those who browse the Audius platform may notice the built-in web interface. It looks and feels somewhat similar to how SoundCloud operates. Several key statistics are provided, including a “Discover” feed, the number of plays different songs have had, as well as how often they have been shared with others. It is a very convenient solution that works well for users of all ages. 


There is also a desktop application for this platform. A very prominent development,  It appears this app currently only works on Windows, however. There is no mobile application just yet, albeit it seems likely to assume that it is merely a matter of time. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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