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7 Ways to buy DigiByte With Fiat Currencies

Buying alternative cryptocurrencies can often be rather complex. In a lot of cases, it requires enthusiasts to already own either Bitcoin or Ethereum.As far as DigiByte is concerned, that is true for the most part. However, there are several exchanges that provide a direct fiat currency gateway for DGB as well.

Sistemkoin (Turkish Lira)

The Turkish cryptocurrency community continues to grow. It is up to native companies such as Sistemkoin to make these assets more accessible. For DigiByte fans, it is possible to convert between DGB and the Turkish Lira. Given Turkey’s preference for new payment solutions, this cryptocurrency can make a rather big impact over the coming years.

CoinField (USD, CAD, Euro, GBP)

CoinField is an exchange catering to users all over the world. Its support of many different fiat currencies is a clear example. DigiByte enthusiasts can purchase DGB with four different currencies. Currently, the platform supports US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, and Pound Sterling transactions. 

Litebit (Euro)

Albeit Litebit is more of a broker, it too provides exposure to DGB. This Dutch company performs swaps between the Euro and digital assets. It is a relatively popular solution for the many alternative currencies supported by the company. That list includes DigiByte, as it is a somewhat popular offering on the platform.

Bittrex (US Dollar)

As far as altcoin exchanges go, Bittrex remains a top contender. It has been very popular for years now, primarily due to its fiat currency gateways. For DigiByte, that includes an option to purchase DGB with the US Dollar. 

Probit (Korean Won)

South Korea has shown a  keen interest in various cryptocurrencies. Primarily alternative currencies tend to receive a lot of appreciation in general. The DGB/KRW trading pair on Probit is not the most popular, but it is a valuable addition.

ArtisTurba (South African Rand)

Not much is known about the use of different cryptocurrencies in South Africa. One of the domestic exchanges, called Artistruba, exposes clients to DigiByte. This is achieved through a DGB/ZAR trading pair. Another interesting addition overall, as very few currencies make inroads in this country.

YoBit (US Dollar)

The final exchange on the list – for now – is YoBit. This too is a popular exchange for altcoins, primarily currencies that have only just come to market. Even so, YoBit provides exposure to DGB through a US Dollar trading market.  In terms of volume, it is not too impressive, but a welcome option overall.

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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