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5 Recent Cardano Developments you may Have Missed in October

As is often the case in the cryptocurrency world, there are plenty of developments going on behind the scenes. For Cardano, there is always something to take note of. Below are just 5 of the recent developments or discussions taking place among community members. 

Cardano and the US Congress

More often than not, it is not exactly beneficial for crypto or blockchain projects to attract attention from regulators. In the case of Cardano, it was mentioned in a recent US Congress meeting. For the time being, it is unclear what the outcome of this meeting will be and how it may affect this particular project. It does not appear that anything negative has been mentioned in the meeting, though.

DeFi is Coming to Cardano (?)

In the cryptocurrency space, there is a lot of excitement regarding decentralized finance, or DeFi. It is a very interesting space, yet one that primarily pertains to the Ethereum blockchain. Slowly but surely, more and more ecosystems started offering support for decentralized financial solutions.

In a new update, it seems that Cardano may see such projects in the near future. Liqwid Finance is an open source financial protocol that aims to introduce algorithmic lending to Cardano. As is always the case when something new is announced, caution remains advised. At the same time, it is a potentially exciting development for this ecosystem. 

The Cardano Catalyst Voting App

Although this development may not seem like a big deal, the Catalyst Voting app for mobile is an intriguing addition. Through the app, users can vote for initiatives put forward through Cardanos’ Catalyst. Android users can now be involved in the process thanks to a recent update. Catalyst Voting also supports mobile ADA wallets, improving its usability. 

Wikipedia Struggles Remain

For a lot of people, Wikipedia is the main source or reliable online information. It has entries on multiple cryptocurrency and blockchain projects as well. For Cardano, Wikipedia remains a love-hate platform. Its Wiki entry is still a ‘draft’, despite being around for some time. 

Part of this “issue” stems forth from one of the moderators being very strict regarding the added information and source material. A tug-of-war has been going on for months now, and is not coming to and either. An interesting situation worth keeping an eye on. 

What about PayPal?

Now that PayPal has confirmed its upcoming involvement in cryptocurrencies, many people wonder if and when ADA will be supported. That may not necessarily happen in the near future. PayPal’s list of supported currencies is very short, for now. That may not necessarily expand either. Considering the limitations this company will impose upon users, not having ADA support may not necessarily be a big deal. 

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