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5 new TRON dApps Focusing on Investing and ROI

Ever since the DeFi craze began people have been talking less and less about regular dApps. These applications can still be quite powerful and popular. On the TRON network, these 5 new apps have noted strong success since their inception. 


It is no secret that investment dApps will always prove to be popular. Not all of these offerings will prove to be successful or stick around for long. In the case of TronGuru, there will be an alleged 150% ROI for depositing funds. To most people, this is akin to a Ponzi Scheme, for obvious reasons. That being said, dApp-based Ponzi Schemes can be popular, as Ethereum has illustrated that rather well over the years. 

Currently, TronGuru notes nearly 13,000 users over the past week. There are 6.5 million TRX flowing through the dApp, or $162,480. It will be interesting to see how long these figures remain in the green, though. There can never be a guaranteed return on investment period unless new funds keep trickling in. 


Although the name may offend some people, CORONATRON is another “guaranteed return on investment” DApp. It has very little to do with the coronavirus, although it can offer some financial excitement to people with a high risk appetite. Users who deposit funds will earn 300% back, at a rate of 2% daily. Again, a very high-risk project, but one that will attract users initially. 

In terms of statistics, CORONATRON has 4,950 users and 1.3 million TRX in volume (valued at $32.520). It is far less successful compared to TronGuru in this regard, but that is somewhat to be expected. 2% daily isn’t necessarily sufficient for most people. 

Forever Tron 4.0

HYIP Programs and dApps share a lot of similarities when it comes to the recent batch of new TRON applications. Forever Tron 4.0 illustrates that point rather well. It too offers guaranteed returns on investment, which will only happen as long as new users continue to deposit funds. More often than not, that new funds will dry up very quickly. 

Statistics-wise, Forever Tron 4.0 has just under 4,000 users, with 140.2 million TRX in volume. Revenue-wise, it has the highest volume of these first three dApps, with $3.52 million in the past week. Again, Ponzi Schemes are best avoided, even in the world of dApps. 


If you do not like investment dApps, TRON is perhaps best avoided altogether. HeroTron wants to position itself as the ‘safest investment platform on TRON”. A very bold claim, especially when considering how users will earn +200% on their deposit “without any risk”. Making all of these claims come true is impossible, as there are no guarantees in the financial world, especially where cryptocurrencies are concerned. 

With 2,740 users and 221.8 million TRX in the smart contract, HeroTron is attracting a lot of attention. Its overall volume sits at $5.58 million, which is fairly impressive for such a business model. Sustaining any sort of growth will always be difficult, as these “guaranteed investment” schemes will run out of money eventually. 


It is good to see something seemingly different in the list of new TRON dApps as well. As the name TronAdz suggests, it is a decentralized TRX advertising network community fund. Leveraging a smart contract to offer a daily bonus to users who buy Bonus AdCredits, there is a way to earn some money in the process as well. Combining advertisements with investing seems odd, but it may just offer something different. 

That being said, it remains to be seen how this particular venture will pan out. It is not an entirely unique business model, albeit one that may not have been used in combination with a smart contract. Whether that gives this concept a bigger legitimacy, is a different matter altogether. It currently has just over 1,000 users and 6.3 million TRX ($157,460) in weekly volume.

This list does not constitute investment advice by the author, CryptoMode, or its staff. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose, as these dApps are all unregulated.

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