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5 Major Tezos Developments That Happened in October 2020

Although some of the excitement regarding Tezos has seemingly calmed down a bit, there are still plenty of things going on behind the scenes. Not all of these changes have received a lot of attention, but they are still important. The following five recent updates will prove useful to a lot of XTZ enthusiasts. 

The Google BigQuery News

Although most people may not see it when interfacing with Tezos directly, the technology has tremendous potential.Google acknowledges there are many options to explore in this regard. Through a collaboration between Google Cloud and Tezos Commons, the public datasets of this project will make their way to Google BigQuery. An important development, albeit it remains to be seen how all of this will unfold exactly. 

Tezos Facilitates $25m STO

It is interesting to see how security token offerings are slowly making their mark on the industry. Tezos is one of the blockchains capable of facilitating this business model. DealBox acknowledges that fact and will bring its $25 million STo to Tezos next month. An intriguing development, although it remains to be seen how the public responds to it. It certainly helps validate the technology powering this network. 

Meet the new Community Manager

Interfacing with the community is always crucial for any cryptocurrency or blockchain project. Tezos has recently appointed a new community manager by the name of Robert Fontaine. He has been working for the project as an operations manager previously. Fontaine is also one of the contributors to the fundraiser in 2017. A recent interview with the new community manager was posted last week, and contains a lot of interesting information.

Increasing Tezos and tzBTC Volume

On the Atomex platform, there is a notable increase in demand for Tezos and tzBTC. The tokenized version of Bitcoin on Tezos’ blockchain seems to cater to the needs of specific users. 

As this trading volume continues to rise, more and more people will be actively exposed to what this ecosystem has to offer. Sustaining the growth will always be difficult, but for now, everything is looking up. 

OroPocket Tackles India

There are many potential use cases for this project’s blockchain. Exploring the different options requires the help from different companies and service providers. In India, Oropocket is intent on launching a gold-backed token on the Tezos blockchain. As is always the case with these projects, caution is advised. Numerous companies have claimed to possess gold reserves, yet that isn’t always the case. 

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