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4 Reasons why Blockchain Gaming is Still in its Infancy

Blockchain gaming is shaping up to become a remarkable industry. It may not disrupt the potency of traditional gaming, yet some of its core elements are intriguing. 

Despite the potential of blockchain gaming, there are some core facts everyone needs to keep in mind. The industry is still in its infancy as well, thus further improvements will need to be made accordingly.

Blockchain Knowledge is Crucial

Playing a video game doesn’t require technical knowledge about the system one plays on. Nor does one need to know much about the store where the game is bought from. In blockchain gaming, there is a different learning curve. Without sufficient knowledge of distributed ledger technology, things may be a lot more confusing than they need to be. 

Depending on the game in question, more or less knowledge will be needed. Some games simply look and feel like any other, yet they use a cryptocurrency wallet. Others have dedicated market places with native tokens, creating a slightly bigger hurdle to entry. 

Rudimentary UX and UI

It is evident that different types of blockchain games exist today. Most are enjoyable enough, yet they  require users to set up a dedicated crypto wallet first. Some of the card games even let users buy special packs with items to begin playing.

Those packs will need to be purchased, with crypto, which doesn’t contribute to the overall user experience This is especially challenging for novice users. Onboarding new players remains a key challenge in this nascent industry. Things will improve over time. For now, a rudimentary UX and UI are par for the course, however. 

In-game Item “Conversions”

One particular aspect of blockchain gaming is how players control their in-game assets. This allows them to buy, sell, or trade these assets accordingly. In some cases, these tokenized assets are cross-game compatible, creating a Multiverse scenario. While this remains a fairly limited approach, it is something some developers are exploring already.

For the gamers, this unlocks a lot of potential. Powerful items can be transferred between different blockchain games. In theory, the opportunities are limitless. It remains up to developers to make the most of this functionality, however. Multiverses are coming, but it is far from a common path.

No one Gets Rich

Despite players of blockchain games controlling in-game assets, it is a not a get-rich-quick opportunity. The sale of assets can be lucrative in some cases. However, the market price for such items often tends to decline as more time progresses. Digital scarcity in games works both ways, after all.

That being said, no one starts playing a video game to become rich. The gaming experience itself will never generate tremendous amounts of money. Being able to play games and stream them, on the other hand, is a completely different aspect. It remains to be seen how blockchain games affect the game streaming industry in the future. 

JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx is passionate about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain, and finance. He currently resides in Belgium.


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