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3 Reasons why Smartphones Aren’t Suited to Mine Cryptocurrencies

Smartphones have become a lot more powerful over the past few years. Despite this leap in technology, they are still ill-suited to mine cryptocurrencies. In fact, finding any application to mine Bitcoin on mobile is nearly impossible these days. 

Smartphones are too Slow

Compared to the first generation of smartphones, the current models are a very big improvement. More computing power is put into these tiny factors every time. It makes the mobile devices a lot more powerful, but also more expensive. Whether that trend is sustainable or not, remains to be determined. 

Given how this landscape has evolved lately, one would be inclined to think a smartphone could mine cryptocurrencies. Sadly, that is not the case where the top crypto assets are concerned. Although one technically could mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even Litecoin with smartphones, doing so will not yield any result. Even the most expensive smartphone on the market today is still far too slow to make any meaningful impact. 

Mining cryptocurrencies has become incredibly competitive. It requires specialized hardware to do so in most cases. There are some exceptions tot his unwritten rule, including Monero and Electroneum. However, those currencies should not be mined with any smartphone either. 

Shortening Device Longevity

For those unaware, the intensive nature of mining cryptocurrencies should not be underestimated. It puts a significant strain on smartphones, making this entire concept unfeasible across the board. In fact, it is not unlikely one’s mobile phone will begin overheating, resulting in a shorter life span for the device itself.

Unlike what some may think, any damage caused to one’s smartphone due to cryptocurrency mining is not covered by the device warranty. Instead, the device owner will be held responsible for any wrongdoing, and will need to buy a new device out of pocket. Avoid mining cryptocurrency with smartphones altogether, for fairly obvious reasons. 

Mining Apps are Banned

About a year ago, Google decided to crack down on any cryptocurrency mining applications in the Play Store. Bad news for owners of smartphones, albeit it was a matter of time until this happened. The example set by Google was followed swiftly by Apple, as its App Store has no cryptocurrency mining applications either. 

There are several reasons as to why these applications are no longer available. First of all, the applications are harmful to smartphones all over the world. Permanent device damage is a very likely outcome when going down this route. Neither Google nor Apple want to be held responsible for such an outcome, which is perfectly understandable. 

Furthermore, a lot of applications supporting cryptocurrency mining were stealing resources. More specifically, not all of these mining apps were performing the task on behalf of the end user. Instead, nefarious developers would leverage the power of smartphones to mine for themselves, rather than letting users benefit from this approach. Such practices had to be nipped in the bud sooner rather than later. 


There has never been a market for mining cryptocurrencies with smartphones. Even though the concept might appear appealing, it is simply not feasible. These devices are powerful, but not designed for this particular approach whatsoever. Even the popular “cryptocurrency phones” are only suited to store crypto assets, and not mine them. 

This situation will not change in the near future either. There is genuinely no demand for mining cryptocurrencies with a smartphone or tablet. Where Bitcoin is concerned, using a normal computer is no longer sufficient either. As such, it is best to give up on this idea altogether. 

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